We offer on-set training for those new to filmmaking. It's pretty basic hands-on experience with camera, lighting and sound. We'll be offering a spot on 2 films every month for our community short film screenings. These are small sets, allowing people to learn in a fun and pressure free environment.  You can participate based on your comfort level. You could even just sit and watch lol

    Cinematography is a moving photograph. The lens can serve as a metaphor for what the eye cannot see. It can convey emotional insight and grant perspective into the subtext of a scene. In the right hands, it can be a tool for change.


    Lighting can be much more than just illumination. It can accentuate, create mood and convey emotion. Light is a character. Light is evocative. Learn to sculpt with it as you would drag a brush across a canvass. Don't be afraid of the shadows.


    Sound is crucial in grabbing and maintaining your attention. Weak visuals are a choice, but sound is less forgivable. It can immediately take you out of a film. Sound can also be used in creating tone and emotion. Its never as simple as pointing a stick in a particular direction.