Meet the 2020 Filmmakers
(updated daily)

Vanessa Kammer is a Brazilian-Canadian Director/Producer/Writer and Actress. She's been working on a huge variety of projects: feature lengths, short films, documentaries, TV Series, Web Series and more across Canada and US.

In her Shits & Giggles film "A Silent Night", a loving young couple enjoys a quiet night at home over wine, movies and a lot of romance. Is this romance strong enough to break through unexpected barriers? What is one willing to do in order to get a good night sleep?

Samuel Vachon began writing screenplays at the age of 14. He went in pursuit of the craft at Champlain College then proceeded to study Writing for Film and Television at Toronto Film School. At the age of 18, he worked on a TV production in L.A as a miscellaneous crew where he found his passion. This year he’s decided to go beyond writing and begin his directorial debut.

In his Shits & Giggles film "Lights On, Lights Off", two young lovers believe they’re ready for the next step in their relationship, sex. Alas, he can’t get a hard-on and she can’t communicate that she isn’t ready.

Stephanie Lalonde is born and raised here in Ottawa. Mom of three amazing young men, she just married her best friend. She joined her son Dakoda, onto the Ottawa film scene about 7 years ago. She loves it! She has a few films out there now and when she has the time to put away her mom suit, she tries to let her creative side out.

In her Shits & Giggles film "Crazy Hockey Mom", a hockey mom gets a little bit too riled up, watching her son play hockey. He is the goalie and well.... that sums it up. She doesn't even realize what she's doing until its done. Some find it entertaining while others... not so much. Let her just say, She has never injured anyone... yet!!!

Adrie Sustar is a Canadian-Slovenian director who's making her way in the Ottawa-Gatineau film scene. Adrie enjoys telling stories through the medium of film, and is working to bring attention to female filmmakers in the growing Canadian film industry. Whether on set or in an editing room, she can almost always be found drinking coffee and wearing colourful pants.

Her Shits & Giggles film "Invisible People" is a mockumentary about five individuals who have found themselves in the most overlooked and undervalued role of the tech community. With hints of unrequited love, fear, and frustration, this powerful piece will make you rethink how you look at your screen.

Heather Lightfoot and Nick Allan are back for another round of the Shits! Having just acquired ACTRA, they wanted to produce something with a Union blessed talent.

In their Shits & Giggles film "One Last Wish", a 75-year old mom is on her death bed and her daughter asks to fulfill any last wishes... and she goes to extraordinary measures to fulfill them.

Landon Arbuckle has a few years of videography and filmmaking experience under his belt. He especially loves discovering the unforeseen/previously thought-about aspects of filmmaking, and working out how a film will manifest in its final form by being on set with other like-minded and amazingly driven people. Through having completed a few shorts for local festivals, he's had the opportunity to collaborate with a portion of our Ottawa community, and he's hoping that the future brings more opportunities to meet and work with other members of this fantasticly creative-minded group!

In their Shits & Giggles film "A Shop of Many", strange and magical things begin to occur when an unusually attractive mannequin is delivered to a vintage office facility.

Jackie and Jakub are two filmmakers based in Ottawa. They started Scoutside Productions in early 2020, combining their years of experience to make fun, relatable content.

In their Shits & Giggles film "Cozy" (a dark comedy), a man seeks to escape from reality and contemplates his decisions and their effects on his surroundings.

  • Co-director Nicole Thompson enjoys a career of doing camera for Sports Broadcasts, primarily the NHL and CFL games in the Ottawa region. She was recently pulled back into the local film community when her son expressed an interest in acting. This is their first collaboration together!
  • Twelve year old Logan Martin, has been acting in local projects over the last few years. This is his first time writing and co-directing a project! He plans to make more, probably in stop motion!
  • In their Shits & Giggles film "Leo and Brody", there's nothing like making a new friend, especially when it's a polar bear! In this take on Calvin and Hobbes, a boy finds courage in the unlikeliest of places.
  • Rahim Bahrami has been a theater actor, writer, and director for about 10 years before moving to Canada. After moving to Ottawa, he had a chance to join the Ottawa film community and meet many interesting people, who encouraged him to make his own films. This is his 2nd entry for Shits & Giggles.
  • In his Shits & Giggles film "The Reunion", a high school couple reunites and goes on a date, only to have their dating angels, although well-intentioned, ruin things for them.
  • Patrick Mulligan is an indie filmmaker, writer, and sometimes actor residing in the city of Ottawa. Contrary to the ethos of his most recent film, he does not, in fact, entirely hate the concept of pineapple on pizza.
  • In his Shits & Giggles film “Patent Pending”, a dissatisfied customer goes to extreme lengths to remove any and all pineapple from his takeout pizza. Extreme times call for extreme measures.
  • Breadhouse Productions is a multimedia company, based out of Ottawa. They began creating music videos and are now branching out to create video content for businesses.
  • In their Shits & Giggles film “Confessional”, a local barfly takes advantage of the situation and gives confession for the first time.
  • What does one do with a degree in physics, most of a degree in philosophy, over 30 years experience in cyber security, and a penchant for breaking big trucks by driving them over even bigger rocks? Make movies! With over two dozen acting credits, Thoughts and Prayers 2.0 is Peter Whittaker’s first foray into the worlds of writing, directing, and producing. He cannot wait to get back in front of the camera where things are safe and make sense….
  • In his Shits & Giggles film “Thoughts and Prayers 2.0”, science and religion are - irreconcilable, perhaps even implacable. Can wily valley entrepreneurs and high finance investors do what philosopher-scientists and evolutionary theologists have failed to do? Will there be unintended consequences?
  • Antonio Najera returns for a second round of The Shits. He has participated in every local festival since he started making films 2 years ago. He has a talent for coming up with content on set, and brings out the best in actors.
  • In his Shits & Giggles film “Love You to Death”, a couple seeks the help of a therapist, who suggests they open a channel of communication by being brutally honest with one another. Hilarity ensues.
  • Ben Bergeron has been making films since age 14. Although he is a full time corporate video producer and film teacher, he still loves having the chance to do creative projects and get them screened at festivals!
  • In his Shits & Giggles film “Adam's Apple”, Adam, an intrepid ant, must do everything he can to save his home from destruction.
  • Tina Prud'homme is an award winning local script writer and actor. She also enjoys producing, editing, and directing stories for the screen, stage, and interactive mediums. Tina loves working with new talent and telling intense stories that touch on the bizarre and fantastical.
  • In her Shits & Giggles film “The Fix”, Tina welcomes her sister Stacie on camera and her extremely talented niece, Daisy, to tell the tale of a young person who is disillusioned with her ability to profit off a dark addiction, in a story with many surprising twists!